TERMINA LP 11/12/2023

We’re heading towards the abyss! War, climate crisis, fears, and worries – Aenygma skillfully captures the fatalistic zeitgeist in their first album ‘Termina’ (Released: 11/12/2023) while defiantly facing the downfall. The vienna-based band – consisting of vocalist and renowned drum & bass producer/DJ Alexander Ellis aka Akov, Syrian-Austrian guitarist Wissam Hawi, Austrian bassist Fabio Scala and Austrian drummer Aaron Olsacher – has set out to demonstrate the powerful potential of four musicians with completely different backgrounds. Their music seamlessly blends catchy Nu Metal, rhythmically elaborate Djent, punky Post-Hardcore, and melancholic-melodic Metalcore with electronic elements, creating an individual, contemporary sound that presents an alternative musical language within the realm of Metal, in the vein of acts like Spiritbox, Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens, and others.

“A balanced blend of intensity and melody, classic and modern, light and dark,” singer Alex Ellis describes Aenygma’s sound. Thematically, the band delves into the dark uncertainty of the present times on their debut album. “There’s been a sense of impending doom in the air since the pandemic,” Ellis says. In the title track “Termina” a dark, melodic depiction of the chokehold of worries and fears that poison the mind unfolds. Even in the catchy “Atlas” we can’t escape the spiral of humanity’s repeated mistakes. Are we standing at a turning point, and does civilization have to fail before new growth can sprout from scorched earth? – the band asks in the spherical-epic piece “The Edge”. In “Omega” the impending downfall approaches relentlessly, almost longed for – “waiting for the end of the world to begin.”

However, it’s also about harnessing new strength from anger to bring about change. In the combative, djenty “Tempus” or the high-paced “Go Getter” Aenygma lends their voice to an entire generation, proclaiming: “Not today!” Despite being formed just last year, Aenygma already boasts the release of their debeut lp ‘termina’, visualised with 2 music videos for the songs “Go Getter” and ‘Termina’. 






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